About The Reeds

High Altitude Reeds

High Altitude Handmade ReedsMade at 7,500 feet in Durango, Colorado, all reeds are adjusted by oboist and double reed instructor, Khara Wolf. With over a decade of high altitude reed making experience, these reeds will offer a proper opening, stability, pitch, and response at these difficult elevations. *Reeds may need adjustments for elevations lower then 6,500 feet.

A Note On Materials Used For My Personal Oboe Reeds
The oboe reeds I make for myself are hand gouged using a custom RDG 10 mm blade/bed gouger with the center measuring 57-59 and the sides about 47. Cane selection comes from first available medium-hard cane and measures 9.5-10 mm in diameter. The finished length is around 68 mm with a heart length of about 5 mm. I tie my reeds on Stevens, Glotin, or Pisoni 45mm cork staples. Reeds are made on a Mack-Pfeiffer (medium narrow) shaper tip.

You can learn more about high altitude reed making in my article High Altitude Reed Making.

If you are new to reeds, get started with my Reed FAQ article.

Buy Oboe Reeds

Due to tendonitis and the extensive amount of time required, handmade oboe reeds are currently not being sold.

If you do not have an instructor to adjust your reeds, or are uncomfortable adjusting your own, I’d recommend the following choices for high altitude:

If you have an instructor to help you do adjustments, or feel comfortable doing your own, I’d recommend:

I can offer English horn reed suggestions for each individual student. Please contact me for further information on these reeds.

Handmade Bassoon Reeds

Made in Chandler, AZ, these reeds offer a great response and flexibility throughout the entire range of the bassoon. If you are living above 5,000 feet and are not comfortable doing your own adjustments, you may ask Billy to adjust your reed for the altitude in the comments when you check out.

Reed Adjustments

Reeds will always be adjusted in the first 5-15 minutes of your private lesson. If you are not currently taking lessons and would like a reed adjustment on one of your own reeds, I offer reed adjustment lessons starting at $25 for a 30 minute slot. If you’d like to schedule a longer adjustment lesson the rates are based on my hourly rate of $50/hour.

*Important Note: It is the nature of reeds to change over the course of the reeds life, sometimes stiffening up as it gets broken in and unstable as it breaks down. Other condition, such as weather changes or tip damage may affect the reed. Reeds will be adjusted as needed in a lesson, however replacements will only be made if the damage is due to something structurally wrong with the reed or cane.