Better Knot Bios

Khara Wolf | Irish Flute, Silver Flute, Penny Whistle, Oboe, English Horn
Khara Wolf fell in love with music when she was first inspired by the magic of live performance and the power of music education. As an avid performer, she plays oboe and English horn with the San Juan Symphony in addition to regular events with Chad MacCluskey and the Better Knot Ensembles. She is currently the Adjunct Instructor of Music-Double Reeds at Fort Lewis College. and maintains a full private teaching studio in the Four Corners for oboe, bassoon, and flute.

Ms. Wolf graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance on oboe where she studied with Peter Cooper. She attended the Boxwood Festival & Workshop from 2009-2013 where she studied Celtic music on both flute and oboe with Chris Norman, David Greenberg, Shelley Phillips, and Rodney Garnett. Read more about Ms. Wolf on her website at



Chad MacCluskey | Guitar
Chad MacCluskey is quite the renaissance figure who gravitated towards music at an early age. He not only has performed countless times, strumming a broken tennis racquet on his mother’s living room floor, to an audience of G.I. Joe dolls, but also to human audiences in Africa, Australia, and Indonesia. Mr. MacCluskey has a Bachelors in Neuroscience, a teaching degree, a Masters in Elementary Education/ Information Technologies, and many endorsements in Special Education. His latest three-year endeavor was in becoming a Certified Academic Language Therapist. Mr. MacCluskey has been in public education for over eleven years. He has also started his seventh year coaching middle school Cross Country running. Lastly, he has a passion of performing on guitars with seven strings in unconventional tunings.




Erick Morningstar | Bodhran
Erick is Durango’s most sought after Bodhran player. Before joining Better Knot in 2014, he played with the former Irish band Gypsy Dance for many years. He has been playing Bodhran with Patrick Crossing since 2009 and continues to perform with them extensively. Seen occasionally crossing instrumentation with the congas and other beats, Erick has a passion for music that echoes his in sets.